The top best techniques to prevent bug bites

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prevent bug bites

Bug bites can tend to be a nuisance for travelers and also for other people for example during the summer. This is because most bugs thrive in the hot summer weather. Here is something about how to prevent bug bites. It is during the summer that the bugs are bred easily and more.

Using a repellent

A repellent can be applied on the skin to prevent bugs from attacking you. You should apply a thin layer of the repellent but only on the exposed skin. You should apply sunscreen before applying the bug repellent. Once applied one does not need to reapply again.

The repellent should be washed out of hands to prevent harm yourself when you swallow it.

Some of the repellents are natural such as catnip oil and eucalyptus lemon. The repellent listed above are very strong and work effectively. They are very effective in driving away bugs.

Covering yourself.

Covering exposed parts of the body really works in preventing bug bites. Arms and leg are prone to insect bites. This is why wearing socks in the evening can assist in preventing a bug from biting you.
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Using a fan.

The sound and the air dispensed by an electric fan can help keep the bugs away. Bugs such as mosquitoes are kept away by the electric fan. It is important because it can be used to both inside the house and outside the house. This is how to prevent bug bites while hosting summer gatherings on the patio.

Clearing the bushes around the house.

This is one of the best methods on how to prevent bug bites. Tall grass and high bushes provide a good breeding ground for insects and bugs. When you clear the high vegetation the lava die therefore fewer bugs grow. If you plan to host a social gathering outside the house. This is the best approach to use on bug control.

Emptying stagnant water.

Clearing of stagnant pools and puddles around your house makes the lava in the water to die. The water provides a breeding place for them to develop. Therefore on clearing the water from the land, you destroy the breeding ground and prevent multiplication of the bugs. On doing this you increase your chances on how to prevent bug bites.

Spraying the ground with pesticide.

On spraying the ground the bugs will either die or even free from the area. This prevents bugs from biting people who are outside the house.

You should really take care of your environment if you want to prevent these bug bites. This is because bug bites can be very harmful and painful.

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