How to make your own deodorant

How to make your own deodorant

Are you annoyed by excess sweating during hot summer days? The best product to get rid of the unpleasant odor is a deodorant. You buy it from the store and enjoy a fresh smell all day. Here is how to make your own deodorant.

Except for a lot of harmful ingredients that can have a tough say later. The most dangerous is aluminum that works as an antiperspirant. (get known here with the negative impact of aluminum on your skin health ).

A smarter and cheaper choice would be to make a homemade sweat-fighter. All natural ingredients guarantee a fresh and pleasant feel for long.

How to make your own deodorant

You think it is difficult? Not at all. Need some accessible ingredients bought and some easy directions accurately followed. You end up with an effective and cheaper substitute for store deodorants that works wonders.


All ingredients are natural and do not affect your health. Their antibacterial and soothing properties create a perfect deodorant that knows how to take care of your skin. The ingredients are:

  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons shea butter
  • 2 tablespoons beeswax
  • 1/3 cup arrowroot powder
  • 10 drop essential oil

Why use each ingredient

Each ingredient has its role in the recipe. Raw coconut oil fights the unfriendly bacteria that triggers the odor. You can use instead of almond oil. (find more about carrier oils here). Shea butter steps in with its soothing properties. It is rich in vitamins A and E that makes the skin of your armpits very smooth.

All- natural beeswax is a great skincare agent. By moisturizing the sweating area it helps oils enter the skin. The arrowroot powder makes the deodorant thick and draws out the toxins. The essential oil aids a pleasant smell and has powers in fighting bacteria that generate odor. Lavender is a great choice due to its fine and lovely flavor.


  1. Take a glass bowl and add the oils, shea butter and beeswax.
  2. Melt them at a low heat while stirring constantly. Do this until they are completely melted.
  3. Remove off the heat and leave it cool for some minutes.
  4. The arrowroot and the essential oil come in. Add the arrowroot in the bowl and whisk actively until all ingredients combine. Then add the oil and mix it hard. After a few minutes you need to get a thick mixture.
  5. Take deodorant containers and fill them with the mixture. Choose a safe place to let them set up.
  6. It takes a couple of hours until the mixture is completely set. After that add a lid and start use your own, all natural deodorant.

Pros and Cons

As any other product, a homemade deodorant has its upsides and downsides. You get a safe skincare item that helps fight the bad smell from armpits. In a hot summer day you have a cheap sweat-fighter that provides a nice lavender scent. Yet, there are some bad things too.


  • Little effort in preparation
  • Less expensive
  • No white marks on clothes


  • No set at low temperature
  • Leaves oil spots
  • Reduced use-by date

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