What is a natural tonic?

natural tonic

Natural tonic is a remedy that improves the body as a whole or in certain organs. Often a tonic consists of natural products such as herbs or substances that are found in plant parts. A tonic is used in humans but also for animals. A tonic should not actually be seen as a medical medicine: a disease or condition will not go away. However, complaints can be relieved.


There are many types of tonic which we often use unconsciously because they are in the food or drink that we take to us:


The substance caffeine that is contained in coffee, for example, absorbs the whole body. Caffeine is also found in tea, where caffeine has been given the name theine. Caffeine is also present in the seed berry guarana. Caffeine is also sometimes used in soft drinks, such as in cola. Exciting drinks like the famous red bull also contains caffeine. Finally, caffeine is also found in chocolate, because it is in cocoa beans. The effect of caffeine is an exhilarating feeling, the heart rate and breathing accelerate. Caffeine also has a positive effect on the metabolism because it burns fat more quickly. As an ingredient in slimming products, it is therefore also popular. Caffeine also affects the short-term memory. It should also be noted that the effect of caffeine decreases as one takes more of it.

Bitter fabrics

The use of bitter substances is to induce the appetite. This is used in people who have difficulty eating and therefore lose weight. Bitter substances are naturally found in certain plants such as the dandelion, malrove, hops, daisy, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, artichoke, and chicory. Often the tonic is made in the form of tea, which then consists of fresh leaves of a certain plant with bitter substances. The bitter substance disappears faster in dried form.

Phosphorus compounds

Supplements to the feed are used in the form of phosphorus compounds.


Drinks as tonic or bitter lemon, containing the substance quinine, reduced leg muscle spasms. Kinine also kills certain parasites, such as the malaria parasite, which takes place in the blood and in the liver. It could also provoke the contractions of a pregnant woman. Tonic or bitter lemon is therefore often used by pregnant women at the end of pregnancy. However, it must be said that the baby must also be ready: if this is not the case, one can drink tonic what one wants, but nothing will happen. This is because there is not much quinine in drinks such as tonic or bitter lemon. It should be noted that a large amount of quinine, as it can be obtained in tablet form, can have a negative effect on pregnancy with an abortion as a result. For the leg muscle spasms that often occur during pregnancy,


Caffeine is used in chocolate and is also used as a tonic, because of the stimulating feeling that one gets from it. However, the real feeling of happiness that one claims to get from it is minimal, or very large quantities of chocolate have to be worked inside. Chocolate is more addictive because of the sweet taste and the melting sensation on the tongue.

Where to get

A natural tonic can usually be obtained through food and beverages, depending on what it wants to use and what it needs to serve, a choice will have to be made. Through drugstores, ready-made tonics are for sale. A tonic is not a medicine, but can help with mild complaints. At health food store and the more specialized drug stores some less common tonics are available. In principle it is useful to know in advance what you want to use the tonic for. Herbs and certain plants are available in health food stores, but also in nature. You can make tea from the fresh leaves.

Some tonics are pretty harmless and will not cause much damage in an overdose. However, nature also has very toxic substances. In case of an overdose, vomiting will often be the first symptom. Sometimes even death can result. This for example with the fly agaric or the tansy herb. It is therefore wise to use tonic carefully. For ready-made tonics, there are always user instructions on the packaging. Does not exceed the recommended daily amount. When you are going to cook and make a tonic yourself, it is advisable to first look carefully at how much you can get inside and how to prepare.

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