Different ways of keeping your pet calm

Different ways of keeping your pet calm

Some pets are very quiet and will never cause any problems, while others keep moving. For the latter, education is necessarily more difficult. Here are different ways of keeping your pet calm.

Whether it is a dog that runs all the time, barks, grumbles … in short, an animal that has trouble keeping calm, know that there is always a solution for it to adopt a more “normal” behavior.

Sometimes you have to be very patient. But by repeating some things, your four-legged companion should gradually adopt a less crazy behavior.

Calm a dog that barks

You must not get used to barking for no reason or to play. Otherwise, when he grows up, it will be very difficult to stop him. A constant barking for no reason is not only annoying for your ears and your calm, but also for neighbors who can live nearby.

One of the reasons for unjustified barking is boredom. In this case, the best solution is to ignore it. It is important not to move because it seeks to attract your attention. And if he sees that it works, he will start again. If it barks when it hears a noise, ignoring it is the best solution.

He can also start barking when you receive people. In this case, you have to try to divert your attention with something else. If he tends to jump on people, ask him to sit down and let people say hello to him when he is seated but never when he jumps.

Calm a dog who rumbles

He may have a tendency to bark and groan when he meets other people. Generally, this happens in traumatized and/or anxious dogs.

The best way to fight against this behavior is to get as many people as you can to meet people. Have friends and family come to your home as often as possible. Little by little he will get used to the presence of other people. If grunts persist, understand the cause of this behavior and contact a professional.

Calm a dog running everywhere

Some animals may be hyperactive. They exhibit “crazy behavior” and love running in all directions. On a daily basis, it is exhausting for the master. The mistake not to commit is to respond to this hyperactive behavior.

You must not yell at him, or give in and play with him. The best thing to do in this situation is simply to ignore it. You can change rooms and pretend not to see them. He will get tired, exhausted and calm himself.

Of course, you have to take the time to play with him regularly. When the game is over, have your dog sit, caress him and tell him “stop” to signify that you have played enough with him for the moment. Then ignore him if he continues to stir around you. Make sure he has toys with which he can play alone.

CBD for pets, what is it used for

In dogs, it has been observed that the administration of CBD induces relaxation and calming, relieving stress symptoms. It also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and helps with seizures, anxiety, insomnia and neuropathic pain.

A calmer dog is also an animal that you can more easily entrust to your loved ones when you go on vacation. Similarly, if you want to bring it with you, it will be much less of a problem during the trip. An infinity of examples can illustrate the interest of having a calm animal …

Even if it requires more work when it is small, in the end, you will not regret it so much the benefits are numerous. If you do not feel able to take the time to educate your dog, then you are not ready to welcome one.

Dogs like cats and other pets are not stuffed animals. They require attention and a lot of patience. Too many people think only about the cute side of animals, but forget the responsibilities and needs that this imposes.

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