7 Natural Ways to Protect Your Pet this Summer

7 Natural Ways to Protect Your Pet this Summer

Hot temperatures during the summer result in deaths of many pets. If the right measures are taken in advance, this can be avoided. Such measures don’t require any investment. They are all natural and require your effort only to implement.

Natural ways to protect your pet this summer

Enough water

Make sure you have plenty of fresh water placed conveniently around your home. During the summer the hot weather can result to thirst and dehydration of your pet which can result to drinking anything they find their way.

If your pets experience this and lack water, they can find something harmful in their way and drink to quench their thirst. They will end up dying for something you could have avoided.

Avoid or Minimize outdoor walks

Limit the time you take your pet outdoors to the coolest times of the day only. This could be only in the evening and the morning only. If the temperatures start to rise during the walk, take your pet indoors. You should also give the pet plenty of water after the walk or any other time they are outdoors.

Avoid the hot pavements. You might not feel anything under your feet because you have sandals or sneakers. However, the paws of your pet cannot withstand the hot concrete. Try to walk on the grass only if possible.

Good Ventilation and shade

Pets will spend most of their day sleeping. You should ensure they have a well-ventilated and shaded place. They will ensure they remain cool as they take a nap or rest. If you had gone out with your pet in a car, after parking the car, don’t leave the pet in there. Even if the windows are open, the temperatures can rise to dangerous levels and affect your pet.

Take caution around pools and water

All day swimming is what characterizes summer. While you may want to let your pet enjoy the moment too, not all pets can swim. Some cannot get out of water when they fall in. Ensure they a supervisor when they are such places.

You should restrict access to pool areas or relatively large water bodies. If you are visiting such areas with your pet, carry a life saver with you. This will help them stay afloat.

Watch out for sunburn

If you can’t avoid being outdoors, ensure you have a natural sunscreen for your pet. Apply it oh his ears, nose, and top of the head. These are the parts that will be most affected if exposed to the sun for too long.

Trimming and brushing

If your pet is long-haired, combing and brushing his hair should be a routine. This will prevent heat-trapping or tangling of coats. You should also trim it but not shaving it. Leaving his skin exposed can cause sunburn.

Protecting from parasites

Summer climate provides parasites the optimal breeding environment. You should apply natural repellent to your pet. This will keep away flea, tick, and other dangerous pests.

Keep your pet safe this summer. Do not let your pet get into some danger that you can avoid. Take the necessary precautions. For more information about how to keep you pet safe, click here.

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