Best Resource And Personal Stories Of Kundalini Meditation

Best Resource And Personal Stories Of Kundalini Meditation

The ancient Indian spiritual scriptures depict the sudden energetic awakening as Kundalini. The term Kundala has its origin in Sanskrit meaning, to spiral. A huge amount of energy lies coiled at the bottom of the spine in the form of a serpent.

The Kundalini meditation is aimed at awakening the energy that is stored at the base of the spine. The energy has to cross all the seven chakras to get released at the top of the chakras. It is believed that by doing so, one can get rid of the spiritual, mental and physical illness.

Prepare for Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation involves a steady and long process that can be done in various ways. Awakening the Kundala energy demands a great amount of concentration and dedication. We have gathered the best resources and practices on how to prepare for Kundalini meditation.

However, your body and mind must be well prepared to receive the enormous amount of energy that will be released as a result.

• Be Mentally Prepared
• Know the right posture
• Know the right mantra
• Feel your breath

How To Do Kundalini Yoga

You can sit in the cross-legged position and your thumb should be pressing against the index finger.

The Kundalini meditation requires you to breathe in 4-6 strokes and breathe out in single strokes. The awakening of kundalini can even take decades

Benefits Of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini meditation shall give eternal bliss and greater clarity of thought. You will also be able to experience more vitality and energy. A creative outburst and the recognition of 4th dimension can also be experienced. Many practitioners also claim to have an unearthly feeling that brings them closer to the divinity of nature. The Kundalini awakening is all about finding and accumulating all the positive energy within the human body.

One may witness spiritual entities in human beings and this can be really scary. You may also lose interest in worldly pleasures and want to stay alone. Moreover, you may fail to handle the outburst of energy at times and this will drive you crazy.

Precautions To Be Taken

Don’t Be in a Hurry – One shouldn’t hastily rush into Kundalini meditations to prevent the ill effects of premature kundala awakening. Premature awakening of the Kundala energy can play havoc in one’s life, the way it did in case of one Gopi Kisan.

Mr. Kisan had experienced the awakening before his body and mind were ready to receive the amount of energy that is released from the awakening. As a result, he lost interest in the worldly interests and his entire body was drained out of energy. He claims his legs were weak and it seemed as though his vitality had drained out. Ultimately, he was severely paralyzed and couldn’t move on his own for the rest of life.

Know the correct Mantra And Positions

Eric, from Canada, had harrowing experience of the premature awakening for 10 long years. On several occasions, his consciousness seemed to rise all of a sudden. He started to feel quitter and sharper by each passing day.

Eric narrates about the feeling he had on one morning claiming that he felt like a new person and was no longer bothered by the things that used to bother him.

It is quite clear that the benefits of Kundala awakening are numerous but at the same time, one must be extremely cautious about the ill effects of it.

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