How to plan the best staycation

Going for a vacation can be expensive. If you don’t have money to commit to traveling opt for a staycation. For you to enjoy your time you need to have some tips on how to plan the best staycation.
There are numerous advantages to choosing a staycation. First, you save money. Second, you will have time to reconnect with your neighbors whom you have not interacted with for some time.
The following preparation steps will help you have a staycation of your lifetime.

Schedule your staycation time

This is key to making your staycation work. Decide on the time you want to have your vacation. Mark it on the calendar. Change your voice message. Ensure that people know you are not on your workstation. Don’t bring work home.

Clean your house

You would never get involved in some chores such as dusting or cleaning in a hotel room on a vacation. It will also be good if you don’t do the same chores in your house during your staycation. Few days before your vacation, spend some time cleaning up the house and make sure it is in a perfect shape. This will ensure that you will not be distracted during your vacation. You can add scented candles to make your house feel a little bit special. Add something new to your house like a vase of flowers.

Choose your entertainment

You are used to movie theatres and malls in your area. The beauty of a staycation is exploring what you are not used to in your community. Gain access to locals places that you never knew. Check the local guides and see what you can do. This is a great time to enjoy to see historical artifacts and arts. Consider outdoor activities like hiking, nature walks or state parks.

Plan your meals

Consider that food you have been wanting to cook but you didn’t get time. Get recipes to try out new food. If you still want to order food you can visit local bakeries to get pastries for breakfast. You can buy some sandwiches from a local grocery for easy bites during the day. Try different cuisine every day of your vacation. Try Mexican, Indian or Italian cuisines. This is fun, especially for the kids.

Take photos

Prepare your camera. Whether it’s a phone camera or a professional camera. Take photos and document your vacation.

Explore nature

Go to a nearby park and find an open space for a picnic. These activities in the fresh air are good for body and soul. Do some research to find where you can get such places in your locality. Plan for other activities such as bird watching or star gazing at night.

Know your community

Be on the lookout for local festivals and fairs. A movie night, group yard sale or a party at the backyard would bring neighbors together.

With a good plan and the right mindset, you can enjoy your holidays without leaving your town. A staycation will be the best option to enjoy your holidays when you don’t have enough money to travel or you need to relax at home.

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