Best fabrics to survive the summer heat

fabrics to survive the summer heat

Summer is here now. Along with ample sunshine and lighter air, we will also get re-acquainted with sweat, skin burning sunrays, higher day/night temps, diminished appetite, increased thirst and what not.

Since we don’t like to eat as much as we did in winters, we can focus solely on what to wear. Summer clothing is dramatically different from winters. In winters you may wear anything underneath and cover it up with a good blazer or a jacket. But such is not the case with summer clothes. Firstly, fabrics made of natural fibers should be used.

Let’s look at fabrics to survive the summer heat

1. Cotton

During the hot season, cotton is one of the most reliable and best materials for sunny and warm weather. It is readily available making it cheap. The cloth is soft and suitable for wearing during hot days. It is breathable and soaks sweat, making heat to escape from your body quickly. Cotton clothes come in different colors and styles; this makes it possible for one to chose the one interested in.

2. Rayon

It is a blend of cotton that is humanmade fabric from synthetic fibers and wood pulp. Rayon is cheaper than silk. Another reason why structure is suitable for summer. Thin fibers that allow air to circulate well and makes it possible for the clothes not to stick on your body. This feature makes it enjoyable to wear during the summer.

3. Denim or chambray

Denim is made from tightly woven cotton; this makes it breathable and useful in absorbing sweat the way the natural cotton does. Denim is more substantial than the usual fabric, this, causes people to result to using chambray that is lighter than denim but with the same properties.

4. Linen

Another fabric to be used during summer is linen. It is breathable making it suitable for a hot day. Also, light and loosely woven to allow movement of air and allow heat from your body to escape. Dries out quickly and absorbs body moisture well.

Each one is flaunting their collection as the latest in linen, and each one is quickly reading the pulse of the market to do even better. Designs, colors, and patterns are getting replaced regularly. If you saw something in the store a week back, does not mean it will still be on display today. Such is the growth in demand for this fabric; such is the essence of this trend that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Other tips in cliff notes would be to switch to open neck t-shirts, opting for cotton trousers instead of jeans, avoiding jackets and thick materials, preventing artificial tights and slacks, wearing large hemmed bottoms. Also one should always apply sunscreen half an hour before going out in the sun, not just on face but also on the bare hands.

Other fabrics that can be trusted besides cotton are silk blends, khaki material, and linen. These materials are lightweight and do not trap moisture. So enjoy your summer without feeling the heat. Fabrics to survive the summer heat

So don’t worry, try these fabrics to survive the summer heat.

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